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Scenar represents the ideal treatment modality, treating each patient as an individual and responding in real time to guide the body towards health

  • "I wanted a long-term solution, not something that looked okay on the scan for five minutes."
    – Kate Tarrant (nee Lukas)
    Professional Event Rider
  • "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
    – Sir Arthur Charles Clarke, CBE, FRAS
    British science fiction writer, science writer and futurist, inventor, undersea explorer, and television series host
  • "Then there is Roger Meacock and his Russian machine... I have to admit that this one does it for me."
    – Pammy Hutton, FBHS
    Joint Principal of The Talland School of Equitation, International Dressage Rider and Trainer
  • "We are delighted with the results since a month ago our own Vet was telling us our dog Ruby may have to have her toe amputated."
    – IG, Wiltshire
  • "My Great Dane puppy had a ligament injury at a very early age. My Vet wanted expensive and very intrusive surgery, that had all sorts of risks of it going wrong and was very severe. Roger gave two sessions of SCENAR, and Teifi's injury was as good as new - he has had Best Puppy In Breeds at championship shows since."
    – Kris Kingsley
  • "The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible."
    – Sir Arthur Charles Clarke, CBE, FRAS
    British science fiction writer, science writer and futurist, inventor, undersea explorer, and television series host
  • "His tendon is healing with no scarring or adhesions. My Vet now thinks he will be able to do dressage again, which was thought unlikely when he first did the injury."
    – Dressage Trainer

Roger's YouTube Channel video about Scenar above is part of a talk given by Roger to the Radionics Association in November 2014.

The Scenar signal mimics the natural nerve impulse to trigger controlled physiological responses

The pdf file below gives a summary of results achieved about 20 years ago. Scenar has developed far more since then and results are now even more impressive.

SCENAR: Science or Science Fiction?
Roger S. Meacock BVsc MRCVS

(Originally published in Positive Health magazine: Issue 60 - January 2001.)

Scenar Results

The effectiveness of Scenar therapy alone is 80-90% on average for all conditions; with approx 2/3 of these making a complete clinical recovery, and in 1/3 it produces positive improvements.

With Scenar, recovery is achieved, on average, two to three times more quickly than normal. For example, if the normally expected recovery from a tendon injury is 6 months, then Scenar therapy can reduce this down to 2-3 months, without any additional treatment.

Scenar always intensifies the positive effects of other kinds of treatment, where desired, and decreases any negative effect. Scenar combines well with treatment using the Russian Healing Blanket, Stem cell nutrition, Quinton marine plasma, eLybra bio-resonance, electromagnetic therapy, and detoxification.

"Then there is Roger Meacock and his Russian machine... I have to admit that this one does it for me."
Pammy Hutton, FBHS in Horse & Hound
Joint Principal of The Talland School of Equitation, International Dressage Rider and Trainer

"Thanks to your help, my horse that my usual vet told me to shoot 18 months ago has just successfully completed a 50 mile endurance race and now looking to go even further!"
International Endurance Rider

SCENAR & Cosmodic Therapy

SCENAR is an acronym for Self-Controlled Energy-Neuro-Adaptive Regulation. Scenar is universally recognized as an ideal electrotherapy and one of the best examples of reflexotherapy.

If I had to describe Scenar in simple terms I'd say it's like a TENS machine with a very sophisticated brain and an IQ of 5000! In evolutionary terms, if TENS is Neanderthal then Scenar is cleverer than Einstein! The Scenar signal effectively amplifies the pathological signal to the brain to trigger a bigger response. The Cosmodic signal amplifies the brain's response. In the "Slider" model that Roger uses to treat animals integrates both modes so that they work alongside each other proportionally according to the feedback.

Scenar therapy, and later, Cosmodic Therapy was developed in Russia by a highly qualified Scientific team led by Alexander Karasev who has a joint degree in Medicine and electronics. The economic situation in the former USSR forced Doctors to look to non-pharmaceutical ways of treating. The Scenar/Cosmodic devices are used in hospitals and paramedic ambulances to great effect, often significantly reducing or even removing the requirement for surgery and/or drugs.

Roger was the only vet in attendance at the very first Scenar training course given in the UK by some of the top Russian scientists involved in developing Scenar. Roger was the first vet in the world to adapt the treatment for animals. Although he now mostly treats horses and dogs for sports injuries he has also treated cows, pigs, rabbits and cats in the past. There is no reason why other species cannot be treated too.

Reflex areas of the skin (through their electrical properties) and tissue resonant frequencies provide up-to-date information about internal structures and organs within the body. This information will cover both structural integrity and functional capacity. Using skin electro-stimulation and a very sophisticated electronic feedback, the device continually monitors the parameters and adjusts the next treatment signal accordingly. The Scenar signal is very close to a natural nerve impulse so the body can recognise and respond to it. It helps the brain to recognise where there is a problem and by stimulating the release of natural body chemicals it enables the body to heal itself more efficiently. Scenar results are fast, intense and long-lasting. The latest device that Roger uses starts to predict how the body will react and anticipate any problems to lead the healing around these stumbling blocks in advance. Treatments speeds are very much faster as a result.

Each placement of the device is treated as a novel situation and is treated individually in real time, taking into consideration all parameters that can determine how the body can respond and heal. The only delay in treatment is the the processing capacity of the custom microprocessors and as time has progressed they have got faster and faster. Every time I think Scenar cannot be improved and every time I have upgraded, I am amazed at how much better my new device is which is why I always get the newest models in order to provide the best treatment possible.

Healing success figures for have been quoted in Russia at 80-90% across all conditions which corresponds with Roger's experience. Scenar therapy is extremely safe. There are no adverse side-effects and very few contra-indications. The animals usually enjoy having treatment due to the endorphin release experienced when the neuropeptide healing chemicals are released in response to the treatment signal. Horses will droop their lower lip and appear sedated, whilst dogs frequently become quiet and can go to sleep!!

Pain relief is extremely effective with Scenar. By triggering the body to heal itself at the DNA level, Scenar treatment will not mask an underlying problem but forces the body to address it, reversing the pathology. It is common to find that seemingly unrelated problems (even stable vices) and sub-clinical conditions can also improve.

The Physiological Basis of Scenar

One of the main aims of medicine that has been developed and studied for thousands of years is the mobilisation of inherent body healing whilst using minimal medication.

Skin electrical properties are directly correlated with the body organs and systems. As a result, the skin of any living body can be regarded as a source of information concerning the condition of the internal organs and tissues. The main peripheral informational elements of the skin are biologically active points characterized by their increased sensitivity to any external action.

External actions upon the skin enable corresponding influences upon the disordered organs and functional systems. Present-day clinical observations prove that malfunction of an organ may be eliminated by the appropriate action upon the related reflex areas of the body.

Scenar therapy can be effectively applied to treat functional disorders such as ovarian pain in mares, adrenal stress, depression, pain syndromes of neurological character such as trigeminal neuralgia in horses, muscle spasms and all manner of inflammation. Scenar will also increase the action of stem cells to repair and maintain damaged tissues such as ligaments, muscles, tendon, bones and damaged organs with minimal scar tissue.

However there are limits to even Scenar therapy! Although success rates are very high it is not a panacea. Its action is aimed at normalisation of disordered body functions, whilst providing harmony in the body and stimulation of its defence potential. It can only mobilise reserves that are already present. In many, but not all conditions this is sufficient to bring about a "cure".

If considered as a biological object, the mammalian body is an organized complex of functionally related cells, tissues, organs and systems. Their inter-relation provides vital functions for the body as a whole under constantly modifying conditions.

A mammalian body may also be considered as a unit of sub-systems with a certain hierarchy of feedback. As well as responding to internal feedback, the body must constantly interact and react to a constantly changing environment whilst trying to maintain optimum internal function. Every functional system of a living body - from the central nervous system to cells and their intra-cellular parts - is involved with controlling, executing, and monitoring the body-environment integration and feedback systems.

The control of every system can be performed in two ways: changing its structure or changing the conditions under which it functions. The first way is rather complicated. The second is open to external beneficial influences with Scenar. This influence is aimed at restoration of the optimal activity of cells, tissues, organs, and systems of the body. Restoring efficient homeostasis releases significant body reserves to maintain the system in its correct function.

For a long time the skin has been considered to regulate various physiological functions. By influencing different reflex areas it is possible to eliminate pain, cramps; increase or decrease metabolism; accelerate or decelerate cardiac rhythm etc. The nervous system adapts the body and its systems according to what it senses in the external environment. The body's reaction is therefore dependent on the area of skin influenced. Certain areas of skin have been identified with an increased physiological sensitivity which form the basis for treatment of various disorders by Scenar therapy methods.

The most complicated engineering projects (eg spaceships) are crammed with thousands of sensors and receptors controlling and monitoring units, modules, etc. The skin has many times more sensors and receptors collating minute data, concerning all the processes in the internal organs and systems with regard to their condition, and in relation to important information received from the environment. The skin perceives external signals significant for vital activity of the body and to control any internal system malfunction.

The skin therefore indicates the condition of all the internal organs and regulation systems. After proper processing, this information provides a full view of the functional state of the body. Changes in the body are possible on both the energetic and informational levels. The action can be conducted upon both systems and their inter-relation. Acting on the informational level is more accurate and universal since it promotes greater control of all processes.

The skin has a unique ability to combine the functions of diverse sensors and receptors to enable differentiation of different physical stimuli. For example, it can differentiate signals as mechanical (acupuncture and massage) or thermal, electric current, magnetic field, biological field, laser, or ultrasound. Having differentiated the stimulus at the skin, the nervous system relays this information to the body's control centres.

Significantly for Scenar therapy, the quickest way to transmit information is in the form of electrical signals. Transmission of the signal vibrations also occurs through cellular membranes themselves which is a slower and less studied way.

An external influence may be amazingly small and its energy is unequal to the body response. Typically there is a total organism reaction, because the whole body is involved in the response to the information. The skin acts as an input circuit to a hypersensitive power amplifier, i.e. the body. Physiologists have demonstrated that the reticular formation in the centre of the brain, which is our energy centre, amplifies signals of any origin received by our body. The input signal level is extremely small, but being a control signal, it causes significant energy changes in the body powered by the reticular formation. It is known that malfunction of any organ causes changes in electrical conduction, capacitance and temperature of reflexive areas of the skin. Increased skin sensitivity manifests in pain on contact.

This alteration of signals from the input to the output of the skin testifies to the perfection of the creations of nature. When informational processing can be automated with computers, humanity can carry out a profound study of the body and create efficient drug-free methods of treatment.

As a rule, biological processes are accompanied by electric currents of very low voltage. Thus, to act upon biological processes occurring in a mammalian body, it is expedient to apply electric signals in the form of µcurrents of low voltage, with parameters similar to the currents accompanying biological processes. Electric currents in the µampere range provide a reflex action upon the central nervous system which enables vital processes to be influenced at the cellular level by stimulation and inhibition, transferring charges or ions, and, sometimes, by destruction or creation of individual cell formations.

In the past, such actions have been attempted by various devices providing continuous low voltage direct current in the µampere range, or alternating currents of certain frequency and intensity. In contrast to this, SCENAR therapy acts upon the body with voltage pulses similar to biological ones. The action is focused on harmonisation of body vital activity and stimulation of its defensive potential by invoking the body reserves.

One should always bear in mind that our body is coded for maintaining its homeostasis, i.e. coordination of organs and systems. Simply through promoting this homeostasis, Scenar has proved effective in the treatment of functional disorders. The amazing results of Scenar treatment of various acute and chronic conditions is hardly explainable from the scientific point of view, but facts are stubborn things - patients recover! This may be explained by the following:

  1. Information in a mammalian body is transmitted in the form of short bipolar pulses of electric current and not direct current.
  2. The skin along with its sense organs and received stimuli constitutes an information field connecting the external environment and complicated processes occurring inside the mammalian body.
  3. A mammalian body can be considered as a hierarchical system with a number of feedbacks, which exist on every level and are inter-related both across and down. This provides self-regulation, connection with the external environment, and enables a whole organism reaction based upon changes in the environment.
  4. The internal environment is focused on preserving its homeostasis.
  5. That is why, the continuously adjusting system of a mammalian body responds most beneficially when acted upon by a similarly self-regulating and adjusting system, like SCENAR.

The manner in which Scenar operates could be argued to support the hypotheses of a unified theory of disease origin. Two similar systems - a body and Scenar - can cooperate with each other. Of course, the body is the leader in this interaction, with Scenar as a means of initiating body commands and providing help. Such a harmonious cooperation contributes to the considerably successful treatment of many diseases and pathological conditions with Scenar devices.

Pharmaceutical-based approaches to Health are failing Patients

Many patients, especially as they get older, suffer from chronic diseases. Modern conventional medicine evidently only supports the ongoing disease process in most cases.

Many of us have experienced or observed situations when various medicines have not only failed to cure the disease but have caused negative side-effects. For example, the animal suffering from pneumonia is usually prescribed antipyretics, antibiotics, sulphanilamides, vitamins, and, sometimes, steroids. After such treatment the patient "recovers" and is discharged as healthy. Conventional vets have no idea that the disease remains dormant and ready to reappear, because the body itself did not participate in conquering this condition. If the patient has undergone several bouts of disease treated in this manner, the body defence potential will be exhausted and the disease will become a chronic condition.

The main weak point of conventional medicine is the fact that the patients treated according to these methods usually suffer from a number of different disorders and have a wide range of patented drugs available to be treated with, but still remain chronically ill. Often patients start on one drug which becomes a list as different pharmaceutical preparations are introduced to treat the side-effects of previous prescriptions. Frequently the prescribed drugs are not compatible and have never been trialled in such combinations. Dissatisfaction with this model of treatment has resulted in the development of new drug-free methods of treatment worldwide.

The real task of vets should not be to prevent the body from fighting against the disease but to help regulate the unbalanced adaptive systems. For nearly twenty years of Roger's clinical practice Scenar has proved that it is an ideal device to support the individual to fight the disease and solve the problem.

The brain controls all organs and tissues by means of electric pulses. It follows, that we can act upon the body, its internal organs and nervous system through the skin using electric pulses, similar to the natural ones. Scenar is the only device able to generate such electric pulses that are physiologically close to those relayed to the brain.

The principle mode of operation of this device is based upon forming impulses similar to natural nerve ones, thereby modifying the body's reaction. These modifications imitate normal corrective brain functioning in the pathological area. Impulses formed this way initiate a massive increase in the production of healing mediator chemicals that are immediately dispersed in the blood all over the body. As a result, the lost functions are quickly restored.

The only form of information storage of active substances in a living body is DNA, i.e. source codes before the diseases occurred. Research has revealed that under certain conditions DNA is able to respond to external signals. Usual chaotic DNA fluctuations registered by laser correlation spectrography look like a complex sinusoid. But if influenced by the system of artificial commands, DNA turns into an artificial trapezoidal function. Recent research into DNA has discovered a dual parallel coding that directs the expression of genes responsible for protein formation that we have long thought were the only function of codons. What was previously described as "junk" DNA we now realise has very important regulatory functions. Thus sections of DNA can produce different proteins according to external influences such as intra-cellular composition but also distant energetic influences.

Adaptive regulators using neuro-like impulses for action are the most preferable means of influencing DNA activity. Such regulators have gained great popularity since this method is pain-free and does not require hypodermic injections, and therefore excludes any possibility of disease transmission or introduction via this route. Unlike present day single purpose medicines, Scenar therapy does not treat a particular organ but restores all body malfunctions. Thus it is not uncommon to find that treatment of a certain pathology, as a rule, produces positive effects upon other disorders as well.

Of course, Scenar on its own is not a panacea for all conditions but it often helps those where methods of conventional medicine have failed to cure them. That is why more and more people follow and support this trend. Scenar therapy continually finds applications in new fields and new methods of treatment are always being developed. Treatment is best supported by good nutrition and lifestyle of course.