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Stem Cell Nutrition

Faster healing of the body through increased release and circulation of innate stem cells.

The video above is the first of a series on Roger's YouTube Channel that introduce the concept and products of Stem Cell Nutrition.

NB: the product name is now different but the core ingredients are the same.

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For a fuller description of Stem Enhance Ultra including a full ingredient list etc please see the pdf datasheet below.

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Innate Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cells are all the rage and are touted as the treatment for the future, although there are significant limitations with current techniques of injecting stem cells into injury sites. The most recent information has revealed that the healing does not last, because when stem cells are harvested and injected into an injury, only a small proportion of the injected stem cells are relevant to that tissue type. Initially, all the stem cells present will differentiate and heal the damage, but in time, the stem cells that are not supposed to be in that tissue will revert to differentiating into their originally programmed tissue type, but in the wrong location. This can create problems including necrosis and/or ossification which creates a new weakness at the injury site which increases the risk of it breaking down again.

Recent developments using A-cell therapy are much better because the A-cells release cytokines that call in the body's own stem cells that are then correct for that tissue type. The more stem cells there are in the circulation the better the body can supply them to any damaged areas to enable the body to heal itself.  A-cell treatment can be used to treat recent or old injuries alike.

There is a another cheaper alternative where specific nutrients have been identified that stimulate the body to produce and release 25-30% higher levels of adult stem cells into the blood from bone marrow naturally. Increasing circulating numbers of innate stem cells has the advantage in being able to increase healing wherever it is needed, ie not just in the identified areas and structures, but any unknown areas and structures too. If used as an ongoing supplement, the body will maintain itself better and effectively reduce age-related degeneration throughout the body.

Roger is now recommending stem cell nutrition supplementation for older animals over more commonly recognised supplements that frequently support specific areas such as the joints but neglect other essential areas of the body such as the organs. Any system is only as good as it's weakest link, and the body is no different. In order to prevent the body accommodating to the stem cell nutrition, I recommend regular short breaks in supplementation eg just use 5 days in a week or 3 months in 4.

"Having used Stem Enhance products since Nov 2012, both for myself and in my veterinary work, I can happily vouch for their efficacy. Results of healing from injury and even from a mild heart cough have been nothing short of astounding at times. I have no hesitation in recommending Stem Enhance Ultra. Other than large breeds, most dogs need just 1 capsule per day so a bottle lasts approximately 2 months."

Roger Meacock MRCVS

Stem Enhance Ultra increases the release of stem cells to the blood circulation. It is the result of many years of research and is the most effective and scientifically validated wellness product of this type on the market today.

Stem Enhance Ultra is a concentrate of natural "super foods". It is a unique blend of freshwater microalgae called Aphanizomenon flos aquae (AFA) and Fucoidan an extract of Undaria pinnatifida, a marine macroalgae. The combination of AFA and Fucoidan offers a unique synergy that is reinforced by MesenkineTM® - a unique extract of spirulina.

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We contacted Roger regarding our Golden Retriever who was nearly 14. Although fit and well and quite active, we noticed she was a little stiff on her back end and not quite herself after we ran out of her usual joint supplement. She previously had a cruciate ligament tear that was treated conservatively. Roger recommended StemEnhance Ultra and after just several days we both noticed an improvement in Mabel: she was more enthusiastic on her walks and keeping up better.

After nearly two weeks on the supplement she is happily climbing into the back of the car, and she even ran up a metre high bank and leapt off it, much to my dismay! StemEnhance Ultra seems to have given her a new lease of life. Highly recommended for dogs who are growing old disgracefully!!

Kate Mallatratt ADipCBM
Canine Behaviourist
PickPocket Foragers