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Quinton Marine Plasma

QMP restores the interieur milieu to optimise cell function and health, and accurately holds bioresonance frequencies

Rene Quinton first proved that QMP was capable of replacing whole blood in 1897.  He established nearly 70 clinics throughout France, treating the maladies of the day including malnutrition, Cholera, Typhoid, Eczema, Psoriasis, infertility and numerous other conditions. He saved countless thousands of lives.  QMP was widely adopted by the Medical establishment in France and reclaimable under 2 Social Security programs until Pharma squeezed it out by lobbying to make it compulsory for all injectables to be heated treated, knowing it would denature the QMP and reduce its effectiveness.  QMP refused to compromise the efficacy and quality of their product, and still produce QMP to the same exacting protocol and pharmaceutical grade quality established and demanded by Rene Quinton himself.

Roger was the first person to reintroduce Quinton Marine Plasma back into the UK and became the unofficial UK and Ireland distributor.  It was the saving treatment for TD, Roger's first terrier who started having kidney problems aged 12 years old.  By correcting the environment of the cells within which virtually all life processes take place, the body returns to optimal function.  TD lived another 4 years without any other medication.

Unfortunately, based on financial ability, the current official Distributor took over the importation and distribution for QMP. Whilst retaining Roger as Chief Scientist initially, the new company CEO reneged on their agreement and has refused to pay outstanding remuneration.  I would recommend buying QMP from cheaper sources than available in the UK.


"I have been using Roger Meacock and his bioresonance Quinton injections for over 4 years now to help my South American polo ponies who suffer really badly with sweet itch. They used to rub themselves totally raw, with big open weeping sores on their necks, tails and tummies. I tried every herbal remedy I could find, every cream, paste or liquid and none had any lasting effect and in some cases made them much worse. I was recommended Roger and we have not looked back since, I noticed an immediate improvement within 3 days of the first injection, the ponies looked more comfortable and not trying to itch constantly. That 1st year I continued with a herbal remedy to make sure we kept on top of the itching but for the last 3 years I have given them nothing at all except the 6 to 8 weekly Quinton injection from April through to September, saving a fortune.
Roger’s amazing Quinton injections have given my ponies a chance of normal life, they can be turned out day or night and have lovely shine coats with no sores or rub patches. So much so that one of them won Reserve Champion at an In hand Show and the Judge was amazed to hear the pony was a sweet itch sufferer, as her coat was in such incredible condition."
– Clare Macnamara