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K9 Products

Immunomodulation with medicinal mushroom extracts to boosts the immune system to help fight cancer and auto-immune disease.

Read a testimonial from one owner who used K9 Immunity and K9 Transfer Factor as part of a regime with her dog who had a primary liver tumour with lung secondaries.

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K9 Immunity & K9 Transfer Factor

With the introduction of K9 Immunity™ in 2005, the treatment of cancer in dogs took a huge leap forward. It had been known for a long time that chemotherapy, surgery and radiation do not cure cancer, they only removed the active tumour mass. These treatments do nothing to address the underlying immune dysfunction that allows the cancer in the first place. The introduction of K9 Immunity™ changed all that by providing an option to try and reverse the immune dysfunction, and to trigger the body’s recognition of the cancer as an invader, allowing the body to mount its own defence against the cancer.

In other words, the standard methods used for treating cancer do not and cannot result in a cure, they can only help to slow the progress of the cancer by removing the aberrant cells. Even after removing the mass of tumour with a scalpel, or with chemotherapy drugs, the same underlying immune dysfunction still exists throughout the body that allowed the cancer in the first place. With the original cause still present, there is virtually a 100% chance that the cancer will come back. Cancer that recurs after treating a patient with chemo is always harder to control the next time around. The discovery of immune-active polysaccharides in Japan in the 1980’s brought new hope.

It is only in the last couple of years that immune modulation approach of cancer treatment is even being taught in medical and veterinary schools. It was a chance discovery by Aloha Medicinals in the course of their research with PSK and Lentinan that led to the discovery of these immune modulator compounds and that they work better in dogs than in any other animal! For some reason dogs respond very well to immune modulation therapy. K9 Immunitycomes in bottles of 84 capsules.

The next discovery of importance was the way the immuno-proteins made by the body joined together with the immune-active polysaccharides in K9 Immunity™, which together create the trigger molecule that is required to activate the different classes of immune cells. The first of these small immune-active proteins discovered were called Transfer Factors. These are specific proteins made by the body that are required to join to the immune-active polysaccharides to form what is termed a ‘protein-bound polysaccharide immune trigger molecule’, which is the active component found in the blood stream that triggers all immune responses. Since the compounds in K9 Immunityare 100% non-toxic and they do not accumulate in the body, we can use K9 Immunity in any dosage we want with no problems. The only limitation is that they will only be effective at the rate the body is making the matching Transfer Factor protein to join to the molecule to make it an active immune trigger. Transfer Factor protein is often found to be low in cancer patients.

Fortunately Transfer Factors are just simple small proteins, and they are easily absorbed through the stomach. This lead to the discovery that supplementing with K9 Transfer Factors along with the K9 Immunityleads to a much greater response than just the K9 Immunityalone.

K9 Transfer Factor comes as 500mg Skim Colostrum capsules. Dose is 2 capsules per day for dogs over 25 lbs (11Kg) or 1/day for dogs under 25 lbs (11Kg). Each tub contains 90 capsules, so a tub lasts 6-12 weeks.

Roger's Cancer Protocol

Roger has other natural treatment options that can be used together for treating dogs with cancer, however, due to the 1934 Cancer Act, the products cannot be openly discussed. Roger has another website devoted to so-called "no hope" cases at If you have a dog with cancer and want to give your dog the best chance of beating it naturally, then visit Roger's Last Hope Vet website and arrange a Consultation so Roger can prescribe the best products available for your dog's situation.