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Electromagnetic field levels in our home can cause harm...


Harmony CMO

This unit mitigates the adverse effects of EMFs within an 11m diameter global field around it, ie 5.5m in all directions from it. Great for most homes to protect owners and pets when strategically placed or horses if they are stabled near a mast or pylon.


Harmony XL CMO

This unit mitigates the adverse effects of EMFs within a 16m diameter global field around it, ie 8m in all directions from it. Great for larger homes to protect owners and pets when strategically placed, or horses if they are stabled near a mast or pylon.

What is Electromagnetic radiation?

Above 0 Kelvin (-273.1° C) everything has a vibration that reflects the energy inherent within it, that originates from the sub-atomic level. There is always an associated electrical field with a perpendicular magnetic field that is generated – hence the term electromagnetic field. These frequencies radiate out in waves with a wavelength determined by the amount of energy that generates it and certain characteristics of the source, such as atomic structure and bond lengths whether from a single source or the combined characteristics of many different elements. The Earth has a natural frequency called the Schumann Wave of 7.83Hz. It is no coincidence that this frequency corresponds with our brain alpha waves. This and other natural EMFs are important to our health because we evolved in them. Natural EMFs differ from man-made ones in one very important factor - natural EMFs are non-polarized, whilst man-made EMFs are polarized. It is the continual bombardment of our body, cells and DNA by polarized EMFs that are harmful even if they are at the same frequency as a natural EMF.

Of course the Sun radiates very powerful EMFs within the infra-red, visible and ultraviolet sections of the spectrum. These weaken in an inverse square relationship which means that as the EMFs travel away from their source their strength reduces exponentially. We are able to cope with the radiation that Earth receives from the Sun because it is very much weaker by the time it gets here, and natural variations such as solar flares that are the biggest influence on our weather are transient. Having said that, solar flares are much more frequent now and are the biggest contribution to global warming that few people talk about.

When energy is added to a system, it emits more EMFs. We can manipulate this to cause the formation of EMFs of a certain wavelength that can be utilised for different jobs from radio transmission at the lower end of the spectrum to X-rays and Gamma-rays at the upper end of the EMF spectrum.

The EMF Spectrum diagram above graphically demonstrates the range of EMFs that we encounter and how it is normally represented and considered. There are a number of artificial sub-divisions that are conventionally recognised. The first is the separation into ionizing and non-ionizing wavelengths with increasing energy delivery at higher frequencies and shorter wavelengths. At one point in time the same authorities who would have us believe that current safety regulations are adequate are the same ones that once told us that ionizing radiation was safe too, and allowed service personnel to watch nuclear bomb testing on atolls where the only warning regarding protection was being told to cover their eyes with their hands! Unfortunately, nearly all these servicemen developed various cancers as a result over the following years.

There are smaller subdivisions within these main categories too from extremely low frequency (ELF) through radio and microwaves to ultraviolet which spans both ionizing and non-ionizing divisions. It is very easy to fall into the trap of considering that exposure to some artificially defined categories is safe and exposure to others isn't and forget that it is a complete scale of radiation with no natural categorisations other than the natural EMFs and levels we evolved within and unnatural EMFs at unnatural levels that our body has not been able to adapt to and cannot adapt to either.

The amount of EMF radiation our body can cope with is a factor of frequency, energy level at that frequency and the overall exposure time in comparison with the ability of an individual to compensate for the total energy delivered and any damage it causes during that exposure. It's maybe easier to think of it a bit like exposures of camera film – in bright light a film only needs a very short exposure with high shutter speed and it can more easily be over-exposed with the resulting picture losing colour and detail. However the same picture wash-out can equally occur in low light if the film is left exposed for long enough. This also explains the comparison that a 7 hour long haul flight in an airplane is the equivalent radiation exposure to an X-ray. or 24 hours of exposure to a mobile phone is equivalent to 1600 chest X-rays!!. If a single equivalent X-ray is being taken in a hospital there are regulations that require all unnecessary personnel to leave the room or to wear a lead apron, but for 400 people going on holiday it's perfectly fine, regardless of whether they are a frequent flier or not! It is not a difficult leap therefore to consider that continuous life-long exposure to the EMFs used for Telecommunications in a frequency range that is not what we evolved in, and that have been proven to cause biological changes without thermal effects, is not likely to be safe in the long run given that our body cannot properly compensate for it.

A significant number of top scientists have been questioning the official safety position that non-ionising radiation is generally safe and that the official safety levels as recognised by the industry itself (ICNIRP) are adequate. This increasing concern is borne out of evidence obtained through their research activities. As we will see, the official information and position can no longer be considered to be accurate and/or reliable.

According to Professor Olle Johansson in the docufilm Generation Zapped, we are now exposed to 1 quintillion-fold more EMFs now than just 10 years ago.... and it's rising.That's 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 times as much!

Professor Martin Pall of Washington State University has identified 8 mechanisms by which EMFs adversely effect the body. They

  1. attack the nervous system including the brain leading to widespread neurological/neuropsychiatric effects including others.
  2. attack the hormonal system. Together with the nervous system this covers the whole of body regulation.
  3. produce oxidative stress and free radical damage which is the basis of all chronic disease.
  4. attack the DNA of the cells causing single strand and double strand breaks in DNA as well as oxidising bases. This causes mutations and impairs the ability of the DNA to replicate for cell division and translation to form RNA and proteins etc including enzymes.
  5. cause elevated levels of apoptosis (programmed cell death) found to be an important association with neurodegenerative disorders and infertility.
  6. lower both male and female fertility, produce sex hormone imbalances and reduce libido, whllst increasing spontaneous abortion. This is also partly due to DNA damage.
  7. increases Calcium ion influx into cells which sets off an inflammatory cascade that is the basis for many chronic diseases.
  8. they attack the cells causing cancer via up to 15 different mechanisms that have been identified.

The following diagram explains how EMFs cause increased inflammation via excess calcium release.

Given that our pets are generally smaller than people they receive greater penetration from EMFs within the home from our WiFi, Bluetooth devices, Smart technology, mobile phones, ring mains and other electrical devices. Young growing pets are even more at risk because their stem cells have been found to be more vulnerable than adult differentiated cells. Damage to DNA can cause adverse effects with varying symptom severity depending on where the damage to the DNA has incurred within the genome. Organs with the highest water content are most effected which includes eyes, brain, kidneys and testes.

Horses in fields or yards under power lines or next to mobile phone masts will also be adversely effected. Given that EMFs can interfere with glucose metabolism, I wonder how many horses have metabolic disruption and insulin/glucose issues where EMFs are a factor but overlooked?

Luckily there is a solution that can be placed in the home that will protect not only our pets but the human inhabitants too. They can be placed in a stable block to protect horses if the stables are sited too close to a source of EMFs. They are called Compensating Magnetic Oscillators (CMOs) that have been scientifically developed and researched by Comosystems. Top scientists from Russia and France collaborated to research the effects and how to mitigate them. No other company has as much resesarch in this area as Comosystems products. The device needed for the home will protect your pets too. There are 2 versions; the Harmony which has an 11m diameter global influence around the device, or the Harmony XL with a bigger 16m diameter.

Comosystems scientists have researched and developed Compensating Magnetic Oscillator (CMO) technology that uses quantum resonance (Quantum Physics is not just theoretical..!!) to reinforce the bond between the proteins that hold Calcium ions (Ca 2+) and the Ca2+ ions themselves. This resets the threshold for Calcium release to where it should be, thus preventing the doubling in intracellular Ca 2+ that the EMFs cause. This stops the inflammatory pathway (that increases in intracellular Ca 2+ will trigger) from starting.

The EMFs raise the energy level of the Ca2+ ions which causes them to be released and to flood into the cells which triggers an inflammatory cascade.

The following research results were obtained and published

The CMO devices emit an ultra-low frequency that uses resonance to prevent the Ca2+ ions from being excited and released. Resonance is a well known phenomenon in physics which explains why a tuning fork of a certain frequency can cause another one exactly the same to resonate from a distance.

CMO technology has proven itself in a wide variety of research tests to normalise a number of parameters and biological markers that are commonly disrupted by EMFs as the follow results show.

For more information including research links regarding EMF adverse effects and CMO peer-reviewed research please visit

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